I’m Tired


I was in the grocery store when I observed a toddler walking behind his young mother. She was pushing a grocery cart that was laden with food items, along with an infant in it’s carrier that was positioned in the top section of the cart. As the toddler plodded along, I noticed that his pace began to slow, when suddenly, he plopped himself down right in the middle of the canned food isle. His mother noticed that he wasn’t directly behind her and turned to him and asked, “What’s the matter?” He leaned back on his elbows and answered, “I ti-yard!”

As I watched him recline on the tile floor, I thought to myself, “Little man, I’m right there with you!” Then I thought, if big people were allowed to do what this little one was doing, then there would be adults plopping themselves down in grocery store isles all across America!

This little guy was physically tired from walking, what was to him, a long journey through the grocery store. As we become adults, the tiredness that we experience becomes more than physical. There is a mental drain that comes with the daily stressors in our lives, which often transfers and taps our physical energy. It is often called “the daily grind,” but what starts as a small pack on our back can often build to a heavy burden we end up carrying on our shoulders – and we become tired.

Are you feeling tired? What burdens do you carry on your shoulders? A possible job lay off? Bills that surpass your paycheck this month? A negative medical report? Your child’s future? A failing relationship?

If you are like me, there are times when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. This isn’t what God planned for our lives. In fact, he says for us to bring our burdens to him, to give them to him to carry for us. He offers something that is humanly impossible for others to offer to us.

When I go to him and vent my worries and frustrations, he patiently listens. Then when I am quiet and ready to listen, he tells me to give him all my worries, all my junk, to lay it all down at his feet and leave it there. When I take him up on his offer, I can feel him lift the weight from my shoulders. Doing so gives me a sense of freedom that can’t be found in this world. A wave of peace washes over me and my restless nights dissolve away. Jesus tells us “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) Because of what he has done, and what he continues to do, He has become my hope and my resting place.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zezil
    Apr 20, 2012 @ 04:35:33

    That is so nice to hear. Thanks.


  2. Tamara R.
    Apr 20, 2012 @ 04:48:53

    I’m glad to share it with you! Thank you for your comment : )


  3. themathteacheralsoreads
    Apr 22, 2012 @ 14:30:00

    This is a wonderful read. Btw, I hope you won’t mind if I follow you. I find your articles really interesting. 🙂


  4. Tamara R.
    Apr 23, 2012 @ 19:54:43

    Thank you, themathteacheralsoreads – and I would love for you to follow my blog! I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my posts : ) Btw, I am assuming that you are a math teacher? Oh, the mind of brilliance! That is one subject that daunts me, taunts me, and calls me to battle. I took the minimum required for my college degree, and years later, I am unable to help my own college student with her math studies! One day I shall return to master the giant! : D


  5. Anna
    Apr 24, 2012 @ 04:37:23

    This is a wonderful post to reflect on. I am going through a tough time where it seems that my so-called backpack is too large for me to carry. And I agree with you. When times are hard, I try not to get disheartened. When I have done all I can and I still can’t change things, I let my faith take the reins.


    • Tamara R.
      Apr 24, 2012 @ 06:09:26

      Thank you for your comment Anna. It is difficult when the issues of life begin to weigh heavy on our shoulders. I hope your load will lighten soon, it sounds like you are on the right track. Keep looking up : )


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