I’ve been thinking…


    Hello there! I am back, and I’ve been thinking…

    When I was a child, life was simple and mostly sweet. As I grew into adulthood, I became aware of a much bigger world that was more complex and bittersweet. There were life-changing decisions to be made, and there were relationships that dissolved as others blossomed and grew into life-long friendships. 

    Along the way, I have discovered that the least expected can happen, like the loss of a great career, or the sudden death of a friend’s child, or that I would travel across the ocean and dance with the Banjara Indians, or that I would end up marrying my brother’s good friend.

    I have found that life is about the opportunities that God offers with each new day. It is facing the sunrise with arms wide open, and celebrating the goodness, and growing through the heartbreaks. It is my past, present and future all folded in together. It is love received and love given, and it is pressing in when life’s challenges become a jagged mountain and my feet become blistered and the air squeezed from my lungs. It is trusting and never giving up hope. It is gathering with family and friends, to share a meal together and to laugh and share stories, and sometimes, to weep together.

It is everyday that we are given breath.

It’s you and me.

This is life…


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